Azure DevOps

Community Launch Events

Azure DevOps is partnering with meet-up organisers all around the world to bring you local in-person and virtual events between September 2018 through to March 2019! Join your fellow community members and attend one of the many events below to learn more about Azure DevOps. If you attend, you’ll also be able to enter a draw to win some awesome prizes!

Events near you

Head along to a local meet-up, user group, event or online livestream to learn all about Azure DevOps and meet others in your local community interested in how to plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster.

Date City More information
2 February 2019Colombo, Sri LankaRegister Here6.921837479.8211859
9 February 2019Tamil Nadu, IndiaRegister Here11.44499878.225157
9 February 2019Kathmandu, NepalRegister Here27.70248185.319419
18 February 2019Jakarta, IndonesiaRegister Here-6.223060106.809000
19 February 2019New York, NJ, USARegister Here41.0725915-74.1380211
20 February 2019Naples, ItalyRegister Here40.85711614.281086
21 February 2019Sao Paulo, BrazilRegister Here-23.552309-46.661380
21 February 2019Rome, ItalyRegister Here41.90129012.503718
23 February 2019Bogotá, ColombiaRegister Here4.695406 -74.092796
23 February 2019Trivandrum, Kerala, IndiaRegister Here8.52111276.929321
23 February 2019Chandigarh, IndiaRegister Here30.67580276.740241
25 February 2019Helsinki, FinlandRegister Here60.17014624.941238
25 February 2019Cambridge, UKRegister Here52.2287600.153708
25 February 2019Ipswich, UKRegister Here52.0522161.163340
26 February 2019Dublin, IrelandRegister Here53.341194-6.257160
26 February 2019Buffalo, NY, USARegister Here42.937761-78.713845
27 February 2019Copenhagen, DenmarkRegister Here55.77313012.508585
28 February 2019Sao Paulo, BrazilRegister Here-23.552309-46.661380
28 February 2019Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaRegister Here3.139230101.694240
9 March 2019Celaya, Guanajuato, MexicoRegister Here20.527578-100.814440
27 March 2019Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegister Here43.724506-79.455450