Azure DevOps

Community Launch Events

Azure DevOps is partnering with meet-up organisers all around the world to bring you local in-person and virtual events between September 2018 through to March 2019! Join your fellow community members and attend one of the many events below to learn more about Azure DevOps. If you attend, you’ll also be able to enter a draw to win some awesome prizes!

Community Events that took place all over the globe

Thank you to all community event organisers and to all those that attended the events! We hope that you enjoyed the events, had a great time seeing Azure DevOps in action, and enjoyed the awesome swag! We had 183 Azure DevOps events take place all over the globe, reaching an approx 15,000 people! Continue to stay up-to-date on all the latest coming out from Azure DevOps on our blog: or follow us on Twitter: @AzureDevOps

Date City More information
24 April 2019Baltimore, USAEvent page39.286104-76.605698
30 March 2019Seoul, KoreaEvent page37.552540126.989538
29 March 2019Bari, ItalyEvent page41.1367404999999916.837295700000027
29 March 2019Tokyo, JapanEvent page35.631249139.749852
27 March 2019Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.724506-79.455450
9 March 2019Celaya, Guanajuato, MexicoEvent page20.527578-100.814440
7 March 2019Lawrence, MA, USAEvent page42.710741-71.162154
28 February 2019Sao Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.552309-46.661380
28 February 2019Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaEvent page3.139230101.694240
27 February 2019Copenhagen, DenmarkEvent page55.77313012.508585
26 February 2019Dublin, IrelandEvent page53.341194-6.257160
26 February 2019Buffalo, NY, USAEvent page42.937761-78.713845
25 February 2019Cambridge, UKEvent page52.2287600.153708
25 February 2019Helsinki, FinlandEvent page60.17014624.941238
25 February 2019Ipswich, UKEvent page52.0522161.163340
23 February 2019Trivandrum, Kerala, IndiaEvent page8.52111276.929321
23 February 2019Bogotá, ColombiaEvent page4.695406-74.092796
23 February 2019Chandigarh, IndiaEvent page30.67580276.740241
21 February 2019Sao Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.552309-46.661380
21 February 2019Rome, ItalyEvent page41.90129012.503718
20 February 2019Naples, ItalyEvent page40.85711614.281086
19 February 2019New York, NJ, USAEvent page41.0725915-74.1380211
18 February 2019Jakarta, IndonesiaEvent page-6.223060106.809000
16 February 2019Mumbai, IndiaEvent page19.06960972.861875
16 February 2019Bogor, West Java, IndonesiaEvent page-6.596384106.805797
9 February 2019Tamil Nadu, IndiaEvent page11.44499878.225157
9 February 2019Kathmandu, NepalEvent page27.70248185.319419
2 February 2019Colombo, Sri LankaEvent page6.921837479.8211859
31 January 2019Sofia, BulgariaEvent page42.69573823.321868
31 January 2019Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilEvent page-29.656503-51.147128
29 January 2019Montreal, CanadaEvent page45.502742-73.573573
29 January 2019Zürich, SwitzerlandEvent page47.4089188.590890
29 January 2019Manchester, UKEvent page53.472170-2.238454
28 January 2019Cape Town, South AfricaEvent page-33.89124318.515810
28 January 2019Wellington, New ZealandEvent page-41.282360174.776573
26 January 2019Durham, NC, USAEvent page35.808129-78.729508
26 January 2019Lima, Peru Event page-12.113590-77.035683
25 January 2019Rome, ItalyEvent page41.821332 12.458781
25 January 2019Ghent, BelgiumEvent page51.055005 3.717532
24 January 2019Brighton, UKEvent page50.830000-0.140000
24 January 2019Amsterdam, NetherlandsEvent page52.3522104.912853
24 January 2019Saarbruecken, GermanyEvent page49.2431056.987838
21 January 2019Zagreb, CroatiaEvent page45.76457215.980142
19 January 2019Ahmedabad, IndiaEvent page23.04852472.571388
19 January 2019Tokyo, JapanEvent page35.631249139.749851
16 January 2019MoroccoEvent page33.985614 -6.723627
16 January 2019Goiania, GO, BrazilEvent page-16.686690-49.261849
15 January 2019Cleckheaton, West YorskhireEvent page53.723038-1.707511
15 January 2019Coventry, UKEvent page52.436756-1.437137
15 January 2019Oslo, NorwayEvent page59.92345010.731786
12 January 2019Osaka, JapanEvent page34.697234135.487673
12 January 2019SingaporeEvent page1.282371103.852378
12 January 2019Manila, PhilippinesEvent page14.599526120.984201
10 January 2019Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.643830-79.386790
10 January 2019Des Moines, IA, USAEvent page41.586659-93.624451
8 January 2019Letterkenny, Donegal, IrelandEvent page54.955840-7.734279
5 January 2019Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaEvent page12.92153577.669084
29 December 2018Tunis, TunisiaEvent page36.82132910.189227
29 December 2018Vacoas-Phoenix, MauritiusEvent page-20.29898457.493104
29 December 2018Tunis, TunisiaEvent page36.82132910.189227
22 December 2018Chennai, IndiaEvent page12.97414980.243380
22 December 2018MoroccoEvent page33.985614-6.723627
19 December 2018Dallas, TX, USAEvent page33.078372-96.808201
18 December 2018Birmingham, AL, USAEvent page33.458840-86.796380
15 December 2018Bangalore, IndiaEvent page12.92147777.669130
12 December 2018Birmingham, UKEvent page52.477310-1.888927
12 December 2018Adelaide, South Australia, AustarliaEvent page-34.922512138.592099
12 December 2018Madrid, SpainEvent page40.476359-3.685698
12 December 2018Leeds, UKEvent page53.796702-1.557811
11 December 2018Vancouver, BC, CanadaEvent page49.282190-123.118580
11 December 2018OnlineEvent page51.521835-0.083898
11 December 2018Johannesburg, South AfricaEvent page-26.04454628.018446
10 December 2018Split, CroatiaEvent page43.51130316.469322
8 December 2018Istanbul, TurkeyEvent page41.08683929.074374
7 December 2018New York, USAEvent page40.756693-73.989903
6 December 2018Milwaukee, WI, USAEvent page43.037253-87.900827
6 December 2018Aix-en-Provence, FranceEvent page43.5234365.432613
3 December 2018North York, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.724506-79.455450
3 December 2018Bad Ems, GermanyEvent page50.3305947.728676
1 December 2018Lyon, Rhone-Alphes, FranceEvent page45.7521934.826599
1 December 2018Bangalore, IndiaEvent page12.92147777.669130
1 December 2018Barcelona, SpainEvent page41.3869932.171774
30 November 2018Sendai, JapanEvent page38.258531140.877062
29 November 2018Nantes, FranceEvent page47.213590-1.545320
29 November 2018Chicago, IL, USAEvent page41.879440-87.634190
29 November 2018Blaustein, GermanyEvent page48.4133989.873039
29 November 2018Wellington, New ZealandEvent page-41.290102174.773938
28 November 2018Hong KongEvent page22.283007114.157170
28 November 2018Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaEvent page45.421838-75.697428
28 November 2018Budapest, HungaryEvent page47.50010019.057066
28 November 2018Omaha, NE, USAEvent page41.239640-96.014240
27 November 2018Louvain La Neuve, BelgiumEvent page50.66924744.6093973
27 November 2018Quebec city, Quebec, CanadaEvent page46.811688-71.228998
26 November 2018Tel-Aviv, IsraelEvent page32.07509234.782100
24 November 2018Kochi, Kerala, IndiaEvent page10.00999876.365948
24 November 2018Ciudad de México, MexicoEvent page19.428731-99.159138
24 November 2018Tokyo, JapanEvent page35.631249139.749850
23 November 2018Tunis, TunisiaEvent page36.89240910.187273
23 November 2018London, UKEvent page51.521835-0.083899
22 November 2018Oradea, RomaniaEvent page47.06165021.920580
22 November 2018Bonn, GermanyEvent page50.7572587.081081
22 November 2018Torino, TO, ItalyEvent page45.0502217.668717
21 November 2018Auckland, New ZealandEvent page-36.845352174.757030
21 November 2018Kitchener, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.419277-80.468120
21 November 2018Munich, GermanyEvent page48.13528411.567602
21 November 2018Cape Town, South AfricaEvent page-33.94588018.489680
20 November 2018Utrecht, The NetherlandsEvent page52.0925745.149997
20 November 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.647581-79.379924
20 November 2018San Jose, Costa RicaEvent page9.933122-84.031136
20 November 2018Guatemala City, GuatemalaEvent page14.622000-90.514579
20 November 2018Utrecht, The NetherlandsEvent page52.090025 5.119244
17 November 2018Makati City, PhilippinesEvent page14.5531722121.0235333
17 November 2018Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaEvent page19.06952872.861865
17 November 2018Coimbatore. Tamilnadu, IndiaEvent page11.00067176.981840
16 November 2018Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Event page18.482597-69.932589
14 November 2018Melbourne, AustraliaEvent page-37.821796144.962750
14 November 2018Spokane, WAEvent page47.670274-117.280772
14 November 2018CalgaryEvent page51.044810-114.063900
13 November 2018Latham, NY, USAEvent page42.756348-73.822770
13 November 2018London, UKEvent page51.517440-0.130004
13 November 2018Birmingham, AL, USAEvent page33.464863-86.790520
12 November 2018Prague, Czech RepublicEvent page50.04814814.457446
10 November 2018Sao Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.223714 -45.900871
9 November 2018Rome, ItalyEvent page41.90332512.504141
8 November 2018Irving, TXEvent page32.899802-96.963359
6 November 2018Orlando, FL, USAEvent page27.9440949-82.5400794
6 November 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.647663-79.380226
3 November 2018Lima, Peru Event page-12.096852-77.036930
2 November 2018Moscow, RussiaEvent page55.77051137.423830
31 October 2018San Jose, Costa RicaEvent page9.933122-84.031136
27 October 2018Kochi, Kerala, IndiaEvent page10.01165376.36074
27 October 2018Lagos. NigeriaEvent page6.5091943.379503
27 October 2018Casablanca (Morocco)Event page33.586446-7.632276
24 October 2018Paris, FranceEvent page48.8313902.379530
24 October 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkEvent page55.77313012.508586
23 October 2018Vienna, VA, USAEvent page38.914078-77.228424
23 October 2018Oslo, NorwayEvent page59.92345010.731786
23 October 2018Cincinnati, OH, USAEvent page39.304043-84.313616
23 October 2018Yorkshire, UKEvent page53.739346-1.731746
23 October 2018Irving, TX, USAEvent page32.899687-96.963446
20 October 2018Manila, PhilippinesEvent page14.553194121.02574
20 October 2018Sao Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.223714-45.900871
20 October 2018Barcelona, SpainEvent page41.3869932.171774
20 October 2018Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South AfricaEvent page-29.74674131.067835
18 October 2018Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrazilEvent page-19.9202878-43.9220281
18 October 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.646378-79.384060
18 October 2018Paris, FranceEvent page48.8741852.347179
18 October 2018Houston, TX, USAEvent page29.727730-95.551463
18 October 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.646084-79.384371
18 October 2018Paris, FranceEvent page48.8753562.311034
18 October 2018Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaEvent page-27.468683153.021040
17 October 2018Durban, South AfricaEvent page-29.83622430.907654
17 October 2018Stuttgart, GermanyEvent page48.7382559.109773
16 October 2018Hamburg, GermanyEvent page53.57103710.0275024
15 October 2018Sao Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.567232-46.644170
13 October 2018Lahore, PakistanEvent page31.54408974.383901
13 October 2018Columbus, GA, USAEvent page32.474303-84.997461
7 October 2018Django, KoreaEvent page37.546958126.950066
5 October 2018Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrazilEvent page-19.966272-43.954370
5 October 2018Rome, ItalyEvent page41.90332512.504141
3 October 2018Pocono Manor, PA, USAEvent page41.099506-75.390844
29 September 2018Gothenburg, SwedenEvent page57.68835411.997523
25 September 2018Stockholm, SwedenEvent page59.34198018.060970
24 September 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaEvent page43.724506-79.455450
24 September 2018London, UKEvent page51.521835-0.083899
22 September 2018Mangalore, IndiaEvent page12.858618474.8374563
21 September 2018Austin, TX, USAEvent page30.404677-97.7463386
21 September 2018PolandEvent page52.20049020.936030
21 September 2018Thessaloniki, GreeceEvent page40.59515922.951404
20 September 2018Manchester, NH, USAEvent page42.7674181-71.2314557
20 September 2018Gothenburg, SwedenEvent page57.70090511.953405
19 September 2018Durban, South AfricaEvent page-29.83622430.907654
19 September 2018Madison, WI, USAEvent page43.071658-89.401630
18 September 2018Birmingham, AL, USAEvent page33.464120-86.791985
17 September 2018Rosenheim, GermanyEvent page47.85750012.129575
14 September 2018Nantes, FranceEvent page47.206111-1.542766
13 September 2018RadioTFS.comEvent page00
13 September 2018São Paulo, BrazilEvent page-23.552309-46.661380
12 September 2018Mumbai, IndiaEvent page19.069533172.859676
12 September 2018Hamilton, ON, CanadaEvent page43.252155-79.870980
12 September 2018Veenendaal, The NetherlandsEvent page52.0262875.553352
11 September 2018Kiyv, UkraineEvent page50.42237230.505960
11 September 2018Austin, TX, USAEvent page30.376400-97.778305
10 September 2018Kingsport, TNEvent page36.547955-82.556880