Azure DevOps

Community Launch Events

Azure DevOps is partnering with meet-up organisers all around the world to bring you local in-person and virtual events between September 2018 through to March 2019! Join your fellow community members and attend one of the many events below to learn more about Azure DevOps. If you attend, you’ll also be able to enter a draw to win some awesome prizes!

Events near you

Head along to a local meet-up, user group, event or online livestream to learn all about Azure DevOps and meet others in your local community interested in how to plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster.

Date City More information
14 November 2018Spokane, WA, USARegister Here47.670274-117.280772
14 November 2018CalgaryRegister Here51.044810-114.063900
14 November 2018Melbourne, AustraliaRegister Here-37.821796144.962750
16 November 2018Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Register Here18.482597-69.932589
17 November 2018Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaRegister Here19.06952872.861865
17 November 2018Makati City, PhilippinesRegister Here14.5531722121.0235333
17 November 2018Coimbatore. Tamilnadu, IndiaRegister Here11.00067176.981840
20 November 2018Utrecht, The NetherlandsRegister Here52.0925745.149997
20 November 2018Guatemala City, GuatemalaRegister Here14.622000-90.514579
20 November 2018San Jose, Costa RicaRegister Here9.933122-84.031136
20 November 2018Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegister Here43.647581-79.379924
21 November 2018Kitchener, Ontario, CanadaRegister Here43.419277-80.468120
21 November 2018Cape Town, South AfricaRegister Here-33.94588018.489680
21 November 2018Munich, GermanyRegister Here48.13528411.567602
22 November 2018Torino, TO, ItalyRegister Here45.0502217.668717
22 November 2018Bonn, GermanyRegister Here50.7572587.081081
22 November 2018Oradea, RomaniaRegister Here47.06165021.920580
23 November 2018London, UKRegister Here51.521835-0.083899
23 November 2018Tunis, TunisiaRegister Here36.89240910.187273
24 November 2018Ciudad de México, MexicoRegister Here19.428731-99.159138
24 November 2018Tokyo, JapanRegister Here35.631249139.749850
24 November 2018Kochi, Kerala, IndiaRegister Here10.00999876.365948
26 November 2018Tel-Aviv, IsraelRegister Here32.07509234.782100
27 November 2018Louvain La Neuve, BelgiumRegister Here50.66924744.6093973
27 November 2018Quebec city, Quebec, CanadaRegister Here46.811688-71.228998
28 November 2018Omaha, NE, USARegister Here41.239640-96.014240
28 November 2018Budapest, HungaryRegister Here47.50010019.057066
28 November 2018Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaRegister Here45.421838-75.697428
28 November 2018Hong KongRegister Here22.283007114.157170
29 November 2018Blaustein, GermanyRegister Here48.4133989.873039
29 November 2018Wellington, New ZealandRegister Here-41.290102174.773938
29 November 2018Nantes, FranceRegister Here47.213590-1.545320
29 November 2018Chicago, IL, USARegister Here41.879440-87.634190
30 November 2018Sendai, JapanRegister Here38.258531140.877062
1 December 2018Lyon, Rhone-Alphes, FranceRegister Here45.7521934.826599
1 December 2018Barcelona, SpainRegister Here41.3869932.171774
1 December 2018Bangalore, IndiaRegister Here12.92147777.669130
3 December 2018Bad Ems, GermanyRegister Here50.3305947.728676
3 December 2018North York, Ontario, CanadaRegister Here43.724506-79.455450
8 December 2018Istanbul, TurkeyRegister Here41.08683929.074374
10 December 2018Split, CroatiaRegister Here43.51130316.469322
11 December 2018Vancouver, BC, CanadaRegister Here49.282190-123.118580
12 December 2018Leeds, UKRegister Here53.796702-1.557811
12 December 2018Birmingham, UKRegister Here52.477310-1.888927
12 December 2018Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaRegister Here-34.922512138.592099
12 December 2018Madrid, SpainRegister Here40.476359-3.685698
15 December 2018Bangalore, IndiaRegister Here12.92147777.669130
19 December 2018Dallas, TX, USARegister Here33.078372-96.808201
22 December 2018Chennai, IndiaRegister Here12.97414980.243380
29 December 2018Tunis, TunisiaRegister Here36.82132910.189227
29 December 2018Vacoas-Phoenix, MauritiusRegister Here-20.29898457.493104
29 December 2018Tunis, TunisiaRegister Here36.82132910.189227
8 January 2019Letterkenny, Donegal, IrelandRegister Here54.955840-7.734279
10 January 2019Des Moines, IA, USARegister Here41.586659-93.624451
12 January 2019SingaporeRegister Here1.282371103.852378
12 January 2019Manila, PhilippinesRegister Here14.599526120.984201
12 January 2019Osaka, JapanRegister Here34.697234135.487673
19 January 2019Ahmedabad, IndiaRegister Here23.04852472.571388
19 January 2019Tokyo, JapanRegister Here35.631249139.749851
22 January 2019Sofia, BulgariaRegister Here42.69573823.321868
24 January 2019Amsterdam, NetherlandsRegister Here52.3522104.912853
24 January 2019Saarbruecken, GermanyRegister Here49.2431056.987838
26 January 2019Durham, NC, USARegister Here35.808129-78.729508
29 January 2019Zürich, SwitzerlandRegister Here47.4089188.590890
29 January 2019Manchester, UKRegister Here53.472170-2.238454
2 February 2019Colombo, Sri LankaRegister Here6.921837479.8211859
9 February 2019Salem, Tamilnadu, IndiaRegister Here11.44488778.2234323
19 February 2019New York, NJ, USARegister Here41.0725915-74.1380211
23 February 2019Bogotá, ColombiaRegister Here4.695406 -74.092796
25 February 2019Cambridge, UKRegister Here52.2287600.153708
25 February 2019Ipswich, UKRegister Here52.0522161.163340
26 February 2019Dublin, IrelandRegister Here53.341194-6.257160
9 March 2019Celaya, Guanajuato, MexicoRegister Here20.527578-100.814440